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The row began Friday 2nd July 2010 at 8am. on the River Thames by Eton Dorney Lake. Crew members were rotated at boathouses en route, an inflatable rubber support boat attended throughout, with Dr Roz Graham on board, with the shore party of Andrew and Jayne Pooley, Bex Howard, Pete Martin and Jess Matthews. Thanks to Ross Mosley our ever-present Eton boatman and to all the lockkeepers en route who opened the lock gates so swiftly on our arrival.


Jamie's starting VIII rowed through Bray lock and travelled 6 km, escorted by New Zealand gold medal women's pair, Juliette Haigh and Rebecca Scown, to Maidenhead Rowing Club where the second stage crew took over. Boulters Restaurant was open for breakfast, so that supporters could witness our transition through Boulters Lock at 9.10am.

Eton Dorney


Maidenhead RC



Marlow Lock

Marlow RC








Boulters was about the only lock en route that was easily accessible by car, an excellent point to view the VIII as it rowed through 3 locks and 12 km, to arrive at Marlow Rowing Club in time for midday luncheon at the Compleat Angler.


An afternoon crew, comprising different team members, rowed with Jamie for the third stage of 2 locks and 5 km from Marlow to the RAF Rowing Club at Danesfield. Another six rowers took over for the fourth stage of 5 km, taking the VIII through Hambleden Lock. Time for a rest at the final change over at Maureen Cleary's residence at Hambleden before rowing the remaining four kilometres past the regatta course.

Marlow RC




Hambleden Lock


Henley Bridge






15:05 - 16:00



Jamie's finishing VIII was joined by launches Saffron and Silver Dove, moored at Hambleden and owned by Francis Piesse, which followed the VIII as far as Henley Bridge. Near Temple Island, at the start of the regatta course, the launch Black Watch, moored at Henley and owned by Paddy Nicoll took up station. The Black Watch, with piper Colin Graham on board, preceded the VIII, which was rowed up the outside of the course during the Tea Interval at Henley Royal Regatta.


Jimmy Scragg, Andrew Cross and the team at Eton College provided both the VIII and the support boat, Invesco Perpetual gave the kit, HRR granted permission to use the Boat Tent, and Leander Club offered changing facilities.

Bacon butties, prepared by Andrew and Jayne Pooley, were gratefully consumed by the early morning crew. Throughout the day, the team were sustained by copious bananas, kindly donated by Debbie and Malcolm Stoneham of the Fourways Stores in Great Somerford, where Jamie bikes for the daily paper. In the car park post row, a thirst-quenching Vodka Pimms was generously supplied by Andrew and Trish Millar, cakes and nibbles by some kind wives.

Please donate online or by cheque to show your appreciation for this remarkable feat of endurance by an Alzheimer's sufferer - Rowing 20 miles upstream, through 7 locks, in 8 hours.